Deer Antler Farm produces and supplies frozen deer velvet antlers of
highest quality

Where do our velvet antlers come from

The farm is located in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The climate here is extremely harsh: 8 months of frosty and snowy winters and short, cold summers. But it is thanks to such extreme conditions that the reindeer are very strong and resilient, and their antlers have much stronger healing properties than those supplied by colleagues with a more favorable climate (for example, Altai or New Zealand).

The company's mission

In the recent past, deer velvet antlers were extremely rare, expensive and available only to a narrow circle of the selected natural treasure, because they were obtained by hunting wild animals. Deer hunting is an incredibly difficult and labor-intensive task, requiring the highest skill and great patience. The worst thing is that in the past deers where killed for their antlers and their numbers were endangered.

Today we at Deer Antler Farm have several major goals:

  • to make products from antlers as affordable as possible for everyone, so we try very hard to offer good prices to our customers;
  • work with love and gratitude for the reindeer, providing them with good living conditions, closely monitoring the health of the animals and minimizing the stress of antler harvesting;
  • to maintain the numbers of this beautiful animal;
  • to be a worthy representative of the Russian market of antlers, which can offer a quality that is not only not inferior to foreign colleagues, but also superior to it;
  • support folk crafts, creating jobs.


  • Northern antlers are more powerful
    Extreme conditions of the northern climate make the health functions of antlers up to 4 times more effective.
  • Large supply of product
    The company has the ability to harvest, store and deliver more than 50 tons of product annually in compliance with all storage standards.
  • Frozen at the point of collection
    We specialize in the sale of frozen deer antlers, which allows you to save their useful properties.
  • Individual approach

    We offer products for purchase in bulk, while maintaining a customer-oriented and individual approach to each customer.

  • Certified product
    We pay great attention to quality control and product safety, supporting the results of the checks with the appropriate documents.
  • Worldwide shipping
    We have extensive export experience and are ready to provide worldwide delivery, ensuring all transport regulations and quality service.
If you are looking for a high quality product to promote health, increase activity and want access to a natural source of longevity, then our products will be an excellent choice.